Losing Weight With PCOS and Low Carb Diets

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a physical condition related to weight gain, acne breakouts, infertility and also abnormal growth of hair. Women with PCOS have cysts that form on the ovaries. Based on information from WomensHealth.gov, as much as one in ten women have PCOS. Even though health specialists have no idea just what causes PCOS, a lot of researchers feel it might be associated with insulin. Additional factors seem to be an imbalance of hormones, as well as heredity--many females with PCOS also have moms, aunts, or sister with the same exact condition. Weight loss with PCOS is hard, however, taking the appropriate steps may help you to start lowering your weight.

Alter your Diet

As per dietitians, women with PCOS must not set about dieting the same way as other females who are attempting to shed weight. Since many feel PCOS is related to insulin resistance, a low-carb, high-protein diet plan can be the most effective for weight reduction. Experts also suggest staying away from processed carbs, like pasta, pastries and white breads, as well as getting a good amount of lean meats, dairy, veggies, fresh fruits and minimal amounts of whole grains. Good structured diets to follow include the Mediterranean diet and the paleo diet. Both focus on fiber-rich vegetables, lots of lean meats like fish and chicken and few carbohydrates. There are even pre-packaged, frozen meals available that adhere to these principles produced by Atkins and similar companies.


Consistent exercise can result in weight loss as well as being an essential component for treating PCOS. The cardio workout can easily improve insulin resistance. Incorporate aerobics, like taking walks, swimming and then dancing; also include light-in-weight with free weight lifting. Muscle uses up a lot more calories, however, since a lot of women with PCOS have higher testosterone levels as compared to the average female, make use of "light" free weights so you do not get bulky muscles. Most fitness trainers recommend high repetitions while executing basic, structural exercises like squats.

Ask your physician about medicines for PCOS. Prescription drugs may rectify the underlying hormone fluctuations or insulin resistance, which makes it much easier to drop pounds. As reported by WomensHealth.gov, medical doctors prescribe birth control to balance hormones, and insulin-sensitizing medicines, like Glucophage, to care for the insulin resistance.

How to Drop Pounds with PCOS

Stop smoking! A 2009 analysis discovered that smoking elevated insulin levels and also free testosterone in females with PCOS. Raising insulin as well as testosterone is likely to make PCOS more severe, rendering it harder to slim down.


Stay away from "crash" diet programs with extreme calorie reduction. Be careful with conventional diet plans, as many concentrate on low-fat as well as high-carbohydrate and consequently improper for PCOS.


Pay attention to bettering your overall wellness and also tackling the problems underlying PCOS over weight loss; as soon as the PCOS is dealt with, weight reduction can happen more quickly. Always work closely with a medical doctor and, if possible, a certified dietitian.

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